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Resize your browser to see the slider adapt

BxSlider--Image slideshow
BxSlider--Image slideshow with captions
BxSlider--Auto show with start / stop controls
BxSlider--Manual show without infinite loop
BxSlider--Slidehow using adaptiveHeight
BxSlider--Vertical slideshow
BxSlider--Custom easing
BxSlider--Responsive video
BxSlider--Ticker mode
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #1: Standard responsive carousel
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #2: Locked number of slides
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #3: Too large slideWidth
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #4: Move number of slides (moveSlides)
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #5: Infinite carousel with odd number of slides
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #6: Start on a different slide
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #7: Not enough slides
BxSlider--Carousels--Example #8: Vertical carousel